Swim - Single


Swim - Single


Swim is the latest track to emerge from the Orsome Welles camp. A different shape and texture with a heat that makes you sweat.


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The heat grabs you by the neck. 
Hot breath in your chest desperate to survive. 
The drums bang a hopeful beat ; pick up and put down. 
Only the tough are alive. 
Wipe over the sweat beads crown, it dampens your clothes when the sounds of the town are background. 
The truth quick will wash away, with the dream as your guide, you will hold on a burn deep inside. 

Into the ocean you dive and swim to me. 
Out of the sun in the sky you try to leave
Carry the proof that you tried, it must exist. 
In the blue ocean you'll thrive so swim to me. 

To stand is to want to leave. 
Assess your fate, pausing and then walk away. 
The leaves crunchy underfoot join the cracked concretes dodgy terrain. 
It's steep and effort to shoulder the weight and it's taking its toll on you now. 
The rain it will wash away, when the change hits town, the whole world is turned upside down. 

Float like a feather ; drift like debris. 
Changing weather ; storm guarantee. 
Forward together ; flaming tree. 
Stronger than ever ; raging sea.


released September 11, 2015
Written and performed by Orsome Welles
Recorded and Mixed by Matt D'Arcy at Basin Productions
Mastered by Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio Mastering
Artwork by Alex Pryle at Dead Crown Design