Building a World

With the release of our new video, let's take a look at how it all happened!

The ideas behind the video were formed and implemented with the help of Adrian Goleby.

Adrian teased the ideas out of our heads, forming the basis of the performance and narrative sections of the clip. He undertook to direct, film, edit, and animate the entirety of the project, returning us something we are TRUELY proud of!

"I like the cut of your jib, Stow!"

"I like the cut of your jib, Stow!"

It was a pleasure to work with someone so driven, passionate and full of energy; he really kept spirits up through a long night of performances after work. Be sure to keep an eye out for this guy, his hard-work ethic is sure to take him far!


We try to be as resourceful as possible with everything that we do. This means that we can be smarter with how we spend our money, but also creates a challenge when trying to undertake big projects. For this video we decided on two shoot ideas; a performance driven, dark and brooding piece, and a comedic mad science-y narrative. Both required a different look and feel, so they would need at least two different locations.

We were able to use the space at Nick's work, Diamond Steel Engineering, for the performances. It was an odd feeling rocking up to the site as everyone leaves work for the day. Huge steel trusses lay out on the workshop floor, welding equipment shoved into corners, work was left to be picked up the next day. The setting was perfect for getting us into the right mindset, and we think it shows!

We all took part in set-up and operation of the shoot, and with Adrian at the helm we were confident in our abilities, despite it being our very first video.

The Narrative required a somewhat tidier space to shoot in, with our head honcho Stowers strolling around a lab. We enlisted the help of our friends at Oneos, Theo Atalasidis and Marian Morgan. Their studio has a few different rooms which we filmed our prospective, bumbling band-members in. The premise is that Stowers is looking to form the ultimate band, and he enlists the help of two capricious scientists, (Colin Andrews and Jainash Prakash). Unfortunately the musicians our two genius minds have produced contain about as much knowledge on being in a band as a bag of spuds.   

"...come on Beezer, you can figure it out!"

"...come on Beezer, you can figure it out!"

Putting their expertise to the test, the two have created some magical combination of ego, sweat, technique and style for the group to drink. The results are instantaneous!

"Are you pregnant? Your skin is positively glowing!"

"Are you pregnant? Your skin is positively glowing!"

As the clip wraps up, the test subjects have all managed to win over Stowers, awkwardly walking off to their destiny and new found path in life. How long will the elixirs last? Will they triumph? Time will tell.

Being an independent band means that you front a lot of the costs yourself. We cannot thank those that helped in the creation of this video enough. Without your support, we would never have been able to put this together!

If you like what you've seen here, check out one of our shows on the Build a World Tour starting this week!

▸▸▸ TOUR DATES ▸▸▸
FRI SEP 16 - Enigma Bar, Adelaide
- w/ CirclesColibriumFor Millennia

SAT SEP 17 - The Evelyn, Melbourne
- w/ Circles, James Norbert IvanyiKardinal

FRI SEP 23 - The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
- w/ Circles, James Norbert Ivanyi, Sevsons

SAT SEP 24 - The Basement, Canberra
- w/ TundrelHallucinatorium

Tickets selling FAST via!